Try new foods with a Tasting Tray

try new foods with a tasting tray

Q: How can I get my preschooler to try new foods?

A: Some children are naturally drawn to have eating adventures (my son is willing to try ANYTHING) and some children are naturally more wary of new foods (my daughter tends to stick with what she knows). Neither way is better- just different approaches.

Getting a “new food shy child” to try new things can be tricky, but sometimes presentation is everything!

Grab an ice cube tray and turn it into a Tasting Tray. Into each section place a small amount of food (think half of a grape, a chunk of avocado, a cube of cooked carrot, etc). Select foods your child already likes and place them in sections. In a few sections place a new food or two. Using chopsticks, tongs, or fingers your child can taste the items in the tray. The uniqueness of the activity might just be the very thing to get him/her to try something new. (And it helps with muscle development.) Keep in mind this is a Tasting Tray, not a meal. If your child eats all of the items and asks for more, serve it on a plate, but not in the Tasting Tray. The Tasting Tray is for tastings only. This keeps the Tasting Tray special- unique.

Some foods must be tasted many times before a fondness is developed. So keep the Tasting Tray on hand. Presentation can make all the difference!

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