Stuck at the back of the bus!

stuck at the back of the bus

Q: My child is stuck at the back of the bus. That is the only seat left when my child gets on the bus and it is where the rowdy kids sit. How can I get her a better spot on the bus?

A: Ahh the back of the bus.  The action zone! I hear there are some bus routes that have a driver and a monitor on board. Not a bad idea. Honestly how can a driver be expected to monitor all of the behavior on the bus while driving safely?

Did you know that the bus drivers are also responsible for the cleanliness of their bus? To that end I don’t think there is a bus driver out there who wants a child to get sick on their bus. Perhaps you (or even your child depending on her age) could explain that your child MAY get “bus sick” if not riding at the front of the bus. Who knows the driver might just save your child a seat in the front- near a trashcan!

And don’t forget your bus driver at seasonal gift time!

photo credit: lori05871 via photopin cc

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