Exercise your brain! Go to a movie!

Exercise your brain! Go to a movie!

Most moviegoers pop up from their seats at the first inclining of the credits. Some audience members are out the door before the credits even roll. Not our family. We stay in our seats until the screen goes blank. Why? Well if these people worked hard to provide entertainment for us they deserve at least some respect. But that is only part of the reason…

We play a game. Each family member scans the credits for their name. Their whole- all- three-names name. Sometimes we’ll even quietly announce when we see a friend or relative’s name. But this more than a game. It is exercise for your brain! Your brain is being taught to scan large amounts (of moving no less) written material for specific information. Think about it. This is an important skill. This is a skill that translates to standardize testing, reading comprehension, and anything that requires your brain to look for information.

So go to the movie. Enjoy the entertainment, but don’t forget to exercise your brain!

photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc

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