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Q: For many years my husband and I have told our son “no” to first person shooter video games. Now that he is turning 13 we thought he might be old enough to handle this type of video game. Do you think 13 is a good age to allow these types of games?

A: As a parent it is sometimes easier to say “yes” to your child than to say “no”. But one of our parental tasks is to help our children make good choices and develop into healthy adults. Difficult though it may be, sometimes saying “no” (and dealing with any fall out) is what is best for our children.

Chances are whatever your reasons for saying “no” to the first person shooter games in the past still apply! Why should you question your convictions, just because your child is a year older?

You shouldn’t.

I recently read a terrifying and eye opening book Glow Kids by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras. While the author’s main focus is the addicting qualities of electronic devices for children, he does discuss the impact of role playing games or RPG (such as first person shooter video games). Without a doubt a glance at the RPG discussion in Glow Kids, will renew your wavering convictions.

It is more than okay to stand by your convictions, even it means saying “no”. Not only might you be keeping your child safe, you are setting an example: standing by your convictions.

Wanting to do what is best and safest for your child doesn’t have to change with the calendar.

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