protein truffles

protein truffles


It seems like I’m always looking for ways to increase the protein in my family’s diet. A little greek yogurt here, a little whey powder there, an extra egg here and there! And you must be too! I often get questions about how to increase a child’s protein in take.

Here is an incredibly easy protein (and iron and calcium) rich recipe adapted from my childhood. I make these “protein truffles” often for lunch boxes and snacking. They tend to disappear very quickly. I’ve experimented with various sizes, but it hardly slows the consumption down! The main ingredient is peanut butter, but any seed or nut butter could be substituted. (We used to be a peanut free house, but not anymore.)

Protein Truffles

1 ½ cups of non sweetened peanut butter (sub: nut or seed butter)
1/3 cup of blackstrap molasses
2/3 cup of powdered milk
finely chopped peanuts (sub: seeds, nuts, or oats)

Mix peanut butter, molasses, and powdered milk together until it is a mold-able mixture. (Too runny? Add more powdered milk. Too crumbly? Add more molasses or peanut butter.) Form mixture into balls. Roll balls in chopped peanuts. Refrigerate in sealed container for at least one hour. Store uneaten truffles in fridge.


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