my son Justin

my son Justin Case

I have a third child. His name is Justin. Justin Case.

I wasn’t even aware of Justin until one day my daughter said, “I’m going to grab an umbrella for Justin.” “Justin who?” “My other brother, Justin. Justin Case.”

She is right! Justin Case is the third child in our family!

When my children were young I would pack an extra snack for Justin Case. We kept a change of clothes in the car for Justin Case. There is an extra towel in our boat bag for Justin. Sometimes I purchase two of a staple at the grocery store for Justin. I usually have a Plan B for Justin. (He is a Plan B kind of guy.)

Justin really is a part of our family life!

Justin Case keeps us prepared, but he doesn’t require much care. And once my children are off at college I imagine he may cease to exist in my everyday life. But then again, maybe I should leave the outside light on, just in case.

photo credit: _Hadock_ via photopin

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