less is more

less is more

For those regular readers of Growing the Whole Child, you may have noticed a lack of posting. After faithfully posting twice a week since Growing the Whole Child went live, I went on holiday. A true holiday. A no laptop holiday.

My husband, children, and I spent a couple of glorious weeks in Italy. It was amazing! We ate loads, saw incredible sights, met interesting people, laughed often, and enjoyed putting our Adventure Jar to good use!

As a family we have always enjoyed traveling. My children have never been the variety to complain and have proven time and again what lovely travel companions they can be. (Perhaps it helps that we took our first major family trip when our children were 2 years old and 3 months old!)

No matter where we go, or what a family member chooses for us to do, we have a wonderful experience. And these experiences filter into our everyday lives when we return home. I like to think of it as “experience inspiration”. Sometimes it takes the form of a new recipe or a new way of thinking about a daily task.

The most powerful experience inspiration from our Italy trip:

Less is more.

4 people 2 weeks

We only took 4 small backpacks- 4 people 2 weeks. Less stuff. More freedom of movement.

Our favorite foods were beautiful complex flavored dishes, but with only a few ingredients. Less fuss. More flavor.

We made sure to find time each day to be still together and enjoy a view. Less rushing. More mindful togetherness.

No laptop or office work came with us on our holiday. Less distraction. More us.

Now that we are home, with our incredible journey fresh in our memory, we are looking each day for ways to remember:

less is more

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