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Q: My children spent a few weeks at their grandparents house this summer and they are now practically addicted to juice! At home we encourage our children to drink water instead of juices. Now, after time with grandparents my children are begging for juice! How do I wean them from their grandparent induced juice addition? We don’t mind having juice available on occasion, but not all the time!

A: Having the opportunity to spend time with grandparents is incredible! Hopefully, the bonds your children created with their grandparents far outweigh the inconvenience of breaking a “juice addiction”.

It is important to note that not all juices are the same. Many products labeled “juice” actually have very little or even any juice at all! Hopefully the beloved grandparents served pure juice to your children.

In hopes of keeping the peace, here is an idea that just may satisfy your children, you, and maybe even inspire the grandparents:

Remember that ice cube tray you used for a tasting tray when your children were toddlers? Fill the ice cube tray with the 100% juice, leaving expansion space in each section. Allow juice to freeze. Once frozen, use the juice cubes to make a glass of water (or seltzer) more appealing. As the cubes melt the juice mixes with the water, creating a nice compromise beverage. Plus it looks quite fancy!

note: the photo above is water with watermelon and cucumber juice cubes, topped with fresh basil

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