Help your child plan ahead with projects

plan ahead with projects A major school project can be a major headache for the whole family. A scramble the night before the project is due can lead to short fuses, harsh words, and tears (sometimes they are parent tears). This is no fun- for anyone.

Many years ago we established a calendar on the door policy for projects (quizzes, tests, etc.).


Each of my children has a large calendar on the door to their bedroom. On to these calendars they write any assigned projects on the determined due date. My husband and I are willing to help in any way (aside from doing the project for them), but only if the project is posted on the calendar. Not on the calendar? No help. Now, there have been times that a child quickly runs and posts it on their calendar after asking for help. That’s okay, not ideal, but okay.

There is a catch to this system: There is no parental help the night before a project is due, even if it is on the calendar. Yikes! Surprisingly, it actually hasn’t been a problem. This system has helped our children to plan ahead and not wait until the night before to begin a project. They feel more organized and in control.

With our calendar system in place, peace and harmony reigns in the family even the night before a major project is due!


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