gay uncle

gay uncle

Q: My brother is gay. He and his “partner” have been together for almost 10 years. I don’t have a problem with their relationship, but I’ve never explained their relationship to my children. My three children are now 9, 7, and 6 years old. They adore my brother and his “partner”! How do I explain to them that their favorite uncle is gay?

A: Our children look to us as role models: How do we handle situations? How do we treat others and ourselves? How do we accept or judge? If you really think about it- that’s a lot of pressure! But at the same time it is a wonderful opportunity!

Explaining to your children that your brother is gay? How would you explain his relationship if he were not gay? Exactly! You wouldn’t. If you are comfortable with the relationship, then I’m not sure there is any explaining to do. (If you are uncomfortable, then that is another topic all together!)

Children are far more open, accepting, and less complicated than adults. Chances are it never even occurred to your children that there is anything to explain. They have accepted your brother as their favorite uncle! I don’t think they bestowed him with the title of Favorite Uncle based on whether he is gay or not. And having a second uncle in the relationship may be an added bonus!

If your children ask, “Is Favorite Uncle gay?” Then all you need to answer is, “Yes.”

Enough said.

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