find a balance

find a balance

One of my brother in laws is a fabulous professional chef. I’ve seen him throw together an incredible meal with minimal ingredients from the barest of cupboards. His secret? “Balance. You’ve got to have balance. Throw some salty in with the sweet. Find a balance and things are more rich.”

Find a balance and things are more rich.

True in cooking, but also true in life. As adults we need to find (and manage) a balance between work and play. Not always an easy feat, but worth the effort.

As you head into the summer months it is important to think about a balance for your children. Summer can mean freedom, lazy days, nowhere to go and no hurry to get there. But summer can also mean this camp, that camp, summer assignments, job, hurry up and hurry up. Too much loose time can be a challenge for some children. And too much scheduled time may not give a child time to recharge.


Look at your summer plans for your child. Does it provide structure for your child and still allow time to explore free time? If it doesn’t perhaps there is some tweaking you can do to help provide balance.

A Morning Meeting? 

An Idea Box?

Find a balance and things are more rich. Cooking and life.

My summer bread salad is happier thanks to balance and so are my children.

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