Eat more fruits and veggies?

drink some fruits and veggies

Q: My New Years Resolution is to get my children eating more fruits and vegetables. They are kind of picky eaters. Any suggestion?

A: I think I read somewhere that more salad supplies are sold in the month of January than any other month! More fruits and veggies must be a popular resolution, but it is a great one!

If your children are picky eaters (more posts in the future on how to address picky eaters) then you don’t want to turn them off completely by becoming a fruit and veggie dictator. This is no fun for you either. Instead start with something most children like: a smoothie.

We are huge smoothie drinkers at our house we all have one for breakfast (along with a bowl of granola) and I even pack smoothies in lunchboxes. And the beauty of a smoothie is if your blender is strong enough you can throw anything in it! We use a Vitamix brand blender and each morning I fill it with: kale, banana, spinach, orange, red grapes, plain greek yogurt, unflavored whey protein, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, and some water- or a similar combination. Before my children head out the door for school they’ve almost already had all their fruits and veggies for the day. I use a combination of fresh and frozen fruits and in the winter I get the kale and spinach fresh from the garden.

Start your New Year with smoothies. It is an easy way to bring more fruits and veggies into everyone’s diet.

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      1. Smoothies are great for any age! Seniors might think about popping some chia seeds into the mix to add some pep to their step!

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