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disproportionate portrait Q: When my preschool age child draws a picture of our family, he is much larger than everyone else. My husband is a large man and my son always draws himself larger than my husband. Does this disproportionate drawing mean anything?

A: Yes, in fact it does mean something.

It is not at all unusual for preschool age children to draw themselves larger than anyone else in their family (regardless of the true size of family members). This type of disproportionate scale can be a sign of the child’s cognitive and emotional development. And it is quite normal!

Traditionally, a preschool aged child is egocentric. This is not a sign of an unruly tweenager to come, but perfectly normal and reflective of their development. They have not yet developed the ability to think much further than their own needs/wants. In their state of egocentricity they see themselves as the largest member of the family or at least the most important in their interpretation. NORMAL!

Do not be concerned about your son’s disproportionate family portrait; be thankful he remembered to include all family members- no matter their size!

Enjoy the healthy self-image your son displays. As children grow their abilities change and so will their family portraits.

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