baby wearing

baby wearing

Q: I have a newborn daughter. I want to get out and walk in my neighborhood with my daughter, but every time she is in her stroller she cries- a lot. I can’t seem to even get down the driveway! I know the fresh air would be good for both of us, but she seems miserable. Any stroller happiness suggestion?

A: Staying cooped up in your home is not a good plan for neither you nor your daughter. You are absolutely correct, fresh air would benefit you both, not to mention a change of scenery! The best option for your daughter’s stroller happiness- leave the stroller behind!

All over the world women successfully take their new babies “out and about”, but in most cultures no stroller is involved- they wear their babies! Luckily “baby wearing” is becoming quite trendy globally, which means more parents are giving it a try!

There are many different baby wearing styles and techniques. You may have to try a few to find the one that is the most comfortable for you and your daughter, but it worth any effort. Keeping your new daughter close to you is not only comforting to her, but you may find the closeness comforting as well.

Save the stroller for when your daughter is older. Until then, strap your daughter close to your heart and take a deep breath of fresh air. It will be great for both of you, even if you only walk around the block!

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