Why Growing the Whole Child site?

Every week I receive emails and phone calls from families in my community seeking parenting advice and guidance. It occurred to me: if my experience helps one family over the phone how many more families would the same advice help on the Internet? And thus Growing the Whole Child was born.

family at dock

Who am I?

(I’m the one with polka dots.)

I don’t make my own soap nor can I make a gourmet meal from a box of cereal and a can of beans, but I do have a happy and healthy family.

 My name is Kendall James and I have been an educator and parent coach for more than 2 decades. I have been helping my community raise happy and healthy children while raising two of my own.

 I hold advance degrees and certifications in several fields of Education and Child Development. And through years of experience “I have seen just about everything”.

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